The blood diamond trade is tearing the Central African Republic apart

The Central African Republic (CAR)—one of the poorest countries in the world—has been embroiled in intense religious conflict since Dec. 2012. Fighting between the predominantly Muslim rebels (known as the Séléka) and Christian/animist anti-balaka militia broke out when the former accused Christian president François Bozizé of violating peace agreements laid down in 2007 and 2011. […]

After braving death to reach Europe, this is the final test refugees must pass to win asylum

Europe is the middle of its biggest refugee crisis since World War II. As hundreds of thousands of migrants come to seek a better life, European governments have to determine who to let in and who to keep out. In order to be granted asylum as refugees, they have to convince border agencies they are fleeing serious […]

This breakfast machine makes pancakes in any shape you want

Pancakes are both the simplest and most difficult breakfast food to make. Just about anyone can slop batter onto a hot griddle, but cooking to the right level of fluffiness and crispiness requires levels of patience and skill that few have first thing in the morning. A new robot called Pancake Bot may be the solution to that. […]

New US credit cards are about to make tipping a lot more awkward

In the US, where waiters and bartenders earn a good chunk of their bread and butter off tips, the handing over of the bill to customers is a sacred ritual in which much income is made or lost. Unlike in Europe, Americans typically add their tip on paper at the table when they approve the final charge. But that ritual will […]

Apple’s new setting means you’ll never lose your cursor again

I swear: It was there a second ago. Every computer user has that moment of panic every so often when you reach for the mouse, move it around, and can’t find the cursor onscreen. We all know it has to be there, and that it will probably reappear, but still we flail the mouse around in frustration. A […]