NUSwan: Robot Swans for Highly Advanced Water Monitoring


Fig 4spare A researcher placing a NUSwan in Padang Reservoir for advanced water monitoring. Credits: NUS Environmental Research Institute

Assistant Professor Dr Mandar Chitre and his team of researchers from NUS Environmental Research Institute (NERI) developed robot swans that conduct highly advanced water monitoring. They recently tested this new technology at Singapore’s Padang Reservoir. The robot swans move around areas of interest in water bodies and send data wirelessly via cloud computing. Operators and programmers can remotely control the robot swans. This invention is potentially a new paradigm for freshwater testing in Singapore and around the globe.

We conducted an interview with the NUS team behind the robotic swans, also known as NUSwan. Read our conversation below for exclusive insights into this new ground-breaking technology!

Fig 4C Researchers using a remote to control a NUSwan. Credits: NUS Environmental Research Institute

Describe NUSwan and share the different compounds NUSwan measures.

This is a research project…

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