Indian scientist receives European award for biomedical research


Dr. Vijay Tiwari (photo: Thomas Hartmann, JGU) Dr. Vijay Tiwari (photo: Thomas Hartmann, JGU)

Dr Vijay Tiwari, a Indian scientist, was recently honoured with Wilhelm Sander Award in recognition of his outstanding research in the biomedicine field. He received this award at a ceremony in Munich with Prof. Dr Harald zur Hausen as a chief guest, who received the Nobel prize in physiology or medicine 2008 for his research on cancer of the cervix.

Dr Tiwari currently heads a team of international scientists at the Institute of Molecular Biology in Germany where he and his team are researching the cellular processes underlying development and cancer. Ordinarily, cells in the body have a clear identity, e.g., a cell in the skin belongs in the skin and is different to a nerve cell in the brain. In metastatic cancers, tumorous cells have lost this tissue identity, and are able to move to other parts of the body, where they…

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